100km Covid Challenge

100Km Covid Challenge powered by Dodentocht

100Km Covid Challenge?

As an organization we offer for our canceled 51st edition a virtual alternative, the 100Km Covid Challenge powered by Dodentocht. The challenge runs from Monday July 13, 2020 to Sunday, August 9, 2020. So you have four weeks to cover the total distance of at least 100 kilometers. Who wants to can do that 100 kilometers in one go. This is certainly not mandatory. You can safely spread those 100 kilometers over several days and walk at your own pace. The only goal is to achieve a minimum of 100 kilometers by the end of those four weeks.

With this symbolic edition we want to motivate people and let them taste one of the best sports relaxation there is, namely walking and in particular 100Km Dodentocht. But we also want to dedicate this edition to all the people who continued to take care of our society during this crisis. That is why 100Km Dodentocht vzw donates the proceeds of the 100Km Covid Challenge to the universities of Ghent and Leuven to support research into a vaccine and preventive measures.

How can you participate?

  • Register by 8 August 2020 at the latest via the Chronorace web page.
  • The registration price is € 10. If you also want to receive the exclusive 100Km Covid Challenge T-shirt, you pay additionally (including shipping costs) for:
    – Belgium: € 10,
    – The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France: € 15
    – Rest of Europe: € 20.
    We will send the T-shirts during the month of August.
  • Install the free  Strava-application on your mobile phone via Play Store” voor Android or“ App Store” voor Iphone. Those who are already familiar with Strava can of course use their connected watch (Garmin, Polar, etc.), which automatically sends the information directly to their Strava account.
  • After receipt of payment, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to link your registration with your Strava account. Click on this link to confirm admission.
  • Every time you walk or jog, open the Strava app and select the “register” tab at the bottom of the screen. Press the orange start button. At the end of your walking or running tour, click on “end” and “registration”. Your kilometers are automatically added up.
  • Walk or walk 100, 200 or 300 kilometers within four weeks (and more is of course also possible 😊).
T-shirts Covid Challenge

100Km Covid Challenge classification

We reward every participant with a virtual medal. Feel free to share them on your social networks and dedicate them to the many care providers who have already given the best of themselves. For once we keep an alphabetical ranking with the total distance traveled that we spread widely