14 augustus 2015

15 days, 6 hours until Dodentocht.
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Welcome !


Dear friends,


We are already organising the 46th edition of our “100 Km – Dodentocht” for August!
Last year another record number of walkers showed up, just under 12000!!

Obviously we are happy and proud that our efforts are appreciated but,
at the same time, this also provides the necessary tension.

However, this year we can offer you a beautiful event again, which you can enjoy to the fullest. Some parts, such as the start, were refined to make everything even smoother and safer. In respect to the change of course, we are also curious about your opinion.


A large event also asks for more and more measures and obligations, and those also cost more and more money. But at the same time the support and sponsorship also reduces, which annually brings us major financial challenges, since we obviously don't want to reduce our service to the participants!

This is also a friendly call to the Government and companies to continue supporting such a magnificent and international initiative. Because we have much to offer to both the Government and the companies , with our great image and huge involvement of participants, staff and audience!

Also we move into the digital age with online-inscriptions, with fewer errors and also savings in printing and postage costs. We also ask for the necessary understanding among our walkers.


Walking is and remains the ideal sport and excercise: healthy, social, touristic, few injuries suffered and yet at the same time, our 100 km is quite a challenge, but then only to yourself. There is already enough competition in everyday life and we see and read daily where competition in sport sometimes leads!

We are looking forward to the return of all the hikers and to welcome back our friends, on Friday the 14th of August!

See you soon !

Long live the Dodentocht!!!


Gunter Vergauwen,                                                    André De Clerck,

Coordinator.                                                                   President.