14 augustus 2015

239 days, 18 hours until Dodentocht.
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Lost something ?

Find out if we found anything via bagage@dodentocht.be or
via (+32) 474/036 652 (call between 18h and 20h).


Dear Dodentocht Participants,

The organizing committee of the “100 km Dodentocht®” would like to thank all those who took part in the 44th annual event.  To all of you who completed the full 100 km and also to those who did not make it to the finish in 2013, our congratulations! 

Just accepting the 100 km Dodentocht challenge is an achievement in itself and the opportunity to participate again, or for the first time, will be at the 45th annual 100 km Dodentocht to be held August 8th 2014.

Following this year's walk we received a lot of positive feedback on the event, atmosphere, trail, supplies, care and also the volunteers.  Thank you; your comments are most appreciated.

Approximately 1,200 volunteers do their utmost to make this event an unforgettable journey, year after year and we treasure the commitment and vitality that volunteers and participants alike bring to the Dodentocht.


Thank you everyone and we welcome veterans and rookies alike to participate in the next edition in 2014 !



With best regards,

Gunter Vergauwen                                André De Clerck

Chief Coordinator                                 Chairman

100 km Dodentocht®                            VZW 100KM Dodentocht® Kadee