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A small boost

Each year, hundreds of participants sign up to complete the hike for a charity. They have found sponsors to give an association a financial boost. As the organisers, we consider it important to link the 100 km Dodentocht name to associations that support the Dodentocht values. 

This is why we want to ask you to register your association as a charity by completing the form before august 1st, 2022

You can only participate if you have registered in advance. Make sure to keep a number of conditions in mind before you register your association as a charity. . The Board will study the requests and contact you after the evaluation. We will include your association on the website in case of a positive opinion. 

Charities 2022

Register as a charity


  • The Dodentocht logo may not be used without written permission. Measures will be taken in case of abuse. 
  • Religious or political charities will be rejected. 
  • Commercial activities are not permitted. 
  • The reputation of the 100 km Dodentocht may not be abused. 
  • List any of your own sponsors in your request. They may not be a competitor of the companies with which the 100 km Dodentocht has concluded an agreement. 
  • This request will no longer be valid after September 1st. A new request must be submitted for other campaigns. 
  • The 100 km Dodentocht will arrange the use of T-shirts with printing carried out by the own supplier at favourable rates.