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Every year, several hundred walkers line up at the start to walk for charity. They get sponsored to give an association a financial boost. As an organisation, we think it is important that the name of 100km Dodentocht is linked to associations that support the values of Dodentocht.

This is why we want to ask you to register your association as a charity by completing the form before Juli 15st, 2024

You can only participate if you have registered in advance. Make sure to keep a number of conditions in mind before you register your association as a charity. . The Board will study the requests and contact you after the evaluation. We will include your association on the website in case of a positive opinion. 

Charities 2024

Goede doelen 2022

TuTu Foundation

The TuTu Foundation’s mission is to help incurably ill parents create tangible, lasting memories with and for their children. We do this by connecting families with wishes to existing initiatives or by fulfilling wishes on demand. In this way we help to create memories now for later. Because later is now.

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The Belgian Children’s Cancer Support Fund ASBL

BKKS supports families who have a child from baby to young adulthood with a cancer diagnosis all over Flanders in a tailored and personal way. It guides them through their difficult journey with financial, emotional, legal and social support. The organization wants to be a ray of hope in dark days, bring fellow sufferers together, organize trips for families, ….

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Stop Alzheimer’s

The Alzheimer’s Research Foundation (abbreviated SAO) is a Belgian non-profit organization. The primary objective of SAO is to provide financial support for basic, clinical and diagnostic scientific research into the causes and possible treatment methods of Alzheimer’s disease and related brain diseases.

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Sint-Lodewijk is the reference in education, care and support for people with a motor disability, with a warm heart. By signing up as a charity for the 100Km Death March, they want to raise money to buy equipment that people with disabilities need.

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Ninove Animal Shelter

The goal of Animal Shelter Ninove is to give a new chance to animals looking for a new home and to take care of lost animals. Walk with us for this animal shelter so it can improve their accommodations and properly prepare the animals for a new home.

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Hippo and friends

Hippo and Friends

Hippo and Friends wants to give children with type 1 diabetes a face. It wants to create awareness. With sports projects such as diaT1op ( ), the association wants to get people more involved in sports, so they can better cope with the chronic autoimmune disease. Hippo and Friends also supports clinical and basic research into the cause and cure of type 1 diabetes.

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Doctors of the World

As an independent medical NGO, Doctors of the World stands up at home and abroad for the universal right to health for all, with the main focus on care for vulnerable groups who fall out of the mainstream care boat. In addition to providing care, it also actively works to remove financial, cultural and geographical obstacles that make it difficult for people to get care.

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Clini Clowns


The Clinic Clowns bring distraction and fun to children who have to stay in hospital because of illness and/or a handicap and therefore have little contact with their own living environment. By means of improvisation the clowns try to evoke this world within the four walls of a hospital room.

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Children’s Cancer Fund

Children’s Cancer Fund provides financial and psychological support to children with cancer and their families. Treatment makes the chances of cure higher and higher, but treatment takes a long time and is often accompanied by side effects.

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Center for the Prevention of Suicide

The Center for the Prevention of Suicide (CPZ) is a non-profit organization whose basic objective is the prevention of suicide. Much of its operation consists of recruiting, training and monitoring an ever-growing group of volunteers, who man the telephone line, chat line and mail service of the Suicide Line. In addition, the CPZ is also responsible for the propagation of suicide prevention in the broad sense, including through the provision of training and awareness in society. 

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Logo Wondergebaar

Association for deaf and hard of hearing children

Wondergebaar, a Limburg youth movement for deaf and hard of hearing children aged 3 to 12 years, wants to raise money through 100KM Dodentocht to organize a camp for the children. And so the association can continue to grow and the children can continue to enjoy playing afternoons in a language that is accessible to them, namely Flemish Sign Language.

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  • The Dodentocht logo may not be used without written permission. Measures will be taken in case of abuse.
  • Religious or political charities will be rejected. 
  • Commercial activities are not permitted. 
  • The reputation of the 100 km Dodentocht may not be abused. 
  • List any of your own sponsors in your request. They may not be a competitor of the companies with which the 100 km Dodentocht has concluded an agreement. 
  • This request will no longer be valid after September 1st. A new request must be submitted for other campaigns. 
  • The 100 km Dodentocht will arrange the use of T-shirts with printing carried out by the own supplier at favourable rates. 

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