Are you our next volunteer?

Different departments

Every year on the second Friday of August, 13,000 hikers are eager to start their 100Km Dodentocht. More than 1 300 volunteers are needed to pamper the hikers during that weekend and keep everything on track. Setting up tents, manning checkpoints, delivering walking chips, scanning out hikers, …

Also during the year dozens of volunteers are busy organizing the 100Km Dodentocht. Take a look through the different departments and who knows, you might be interested in volunteering for the 100Km Dodentocht!

Which department suits you?

Are you administratively strong and would you like to lend a hand in preparing and processing the registrations?

Do you like to provide service to the hiker? Supplying, registering times or being a driver, it’s no problem for you!

Are you a real boy scout? Then you decide the course of the next 100km Dodentocht!

Fancy a challenge? Taking in the centre of Bornem and getting dressed are your to do’s.

Make the Dodentocht bigger. You can do that, too. Sponsors, media and print have no secrets from you.

Yeah, we need you too! Together you take care of all computers, cables, e-ID readers, servers, …