100Km Dodentocht

Rules for the 100 km Dodentocht

Article 1

The 100 km Dodentocht is organised by the VZW 100 km Dodentocht – Kadee. 

Article 2

The 100 km Dodentocht is a hike, not a competition. Participation takes place voluntarily and at your own risk. 

Article 3

Registration can only take place in the manner and subject to the conditions determined by the VZW 100 km Dodentocht – Kadee. The registration is strictly personal and non-transferable. 

Article 4

During the event, participants may in no way: 

  • express their political or religious affiliation; 
  • carry promotional materials, unless the board has given permission for this; 
  • carry weapons, whether or not visible; 
  • bring pets and/or other animals, in order to protect both the pets themselves and the other participants; 
  • use any means of transport; 
  • bring strollers or other objects with one or more wheels, radios, or other audio equipment; 
  • carry or bring objects that may pose a risk to the other participants, including canes (as used for Nordic walking); 
  • use hand bikes or other chain-propelled wheelchairs (only regular wheelchairs are allowed for participants with disabilities).

Article 5

The participants, employees, and the public may in no way express their political or religious affiliation during the event. 

Article 6

The participant is required to stick to the indicated hiking route. 

Article 7

The clothing of the participants must comply with the standards of public decency. 

Article 8

Instructions by the organisation, police, and its employees must be observed and respected. TheTraffic Code will remain in force on the public road. 

Article 9

Violations of these rules can lead to immediate exclusion from participation, including for other editions, and without any form of compensation or refund. 

Article 10

All paid registration fees will always accrue to the organiser. 

Article 11

If the participant badge is lost, participants will pay a rate of 20 euros for re-creation of the walking badge.

Article 12

By signing up for the 100 km Dodentocht, the participant declares that he or she has been declared healthy by a physician to participate in such distance and effort. He or she must be able to submit this medical statement in case of any issues. 

Article 13

By signing up for the event, the participant declares to accept the use of his or her personal details and/or his or her image in print, on a picture, in a film, in a video, and the like by the VZW 100 km Dodentocht – Kadee for promotional purposes of the 100 km Dodentocht without this resulting in any right to claim any form of compensation. 

Article 14

The VZW 100 km Dodentocht – Kadee is in no way responsible or (financially) liable for accidents and/or the illness of participants, for the loss of possessions, or for any other disadvantage allegedly suffered by the participant. 

Article 15

The organiser reserves the right to change the route, starting times, departure times, start locations, and departure locations, or to fully or partially cancel the 100 km Dodentocht based on extreme weather or other conditions at the discretion of the organiser, whether or not in consultation with the government or police department. The participant will not be entitled to a refund of the registration fees or for any form of compensation for damage in these cases. 

Article 16

For medical reasons, participation is only possible with effect from the year in which a participant turns 16.

Article 17

By participating in the 100 km Dodentocht, the participant declares to be aware of the requested and required efforts, and acknowledges that he or she is in a medical condition which enables him or her to complete the entire 100 km within the periods determined by the organiser. 

Article 18

By registering for the 100 km Dodentocht, the participant declares to have studied and to accept the regulations. 

Article 19

In order to be able to organise the 100 km Dodentocht, we require a number of basic details from the participant for registration purposes, insurance purposes, statistical purposes, safety purposes, for the diploma, and to be able to inform our participants by e-mail. These data will never be abused or shared with third parties. The participant will also be asked to give his or her permission for this. 

Article 20

Participating in the 100 km Dodentocht without a valid registration is dangerous, strictly forbidden, and should be strongly discouraged because these participants will not be allowed to make use of all offered services: no insurance, no medical aid provided by the Red Cross, no provisions, no access to the checkpoints, no luggage service, and no use of the service vehicles. In case of violations of this provision, the offender will be denied access to all subsequent Vandenbussche or other activities organised by VZW Dodentocht – Kadee. 

Article 21

All our employees are volunteers who make every possible effort to organise the 100 km Dodentocht and to offer the hiker a great experience. This deserves respect and sympathy. If certain hikers are unable or unwilling to act respectfully, they will no longer be welcome at our organised events and will be denied access to all future events. 

Article 22

The board of the VZW 100 km Dodentocht will decide on all matters not arranged in these rules. Only the Dutch text will be binding in case of disputes about the interpretation of regulations. Judicial procedures will always be handled by the courts competent in the jurisdiction of Antwerp, Mechelen department.