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The 100 km Dodentocht offers various options to sponsors. As an organisation, we believe that sponsoring is a partnership. The ultimate details of the sponsor package will always be decided in consultation and it is always a custom approach. As organisers, we mainly believe in loyal and multi-year partnerships to truly grow our event together. 

Organising an event like the 100 km Dodentocht is based predominantly on the following pillars: 

We are always looking for external sources to help us, mainly with the financial resources and the equipment/locations. 

Budget sponsoring

Support the 100 km Dodentocht financially with a determined amount 

Service sponsoring

Mainly in the field of: 

  • Catering for the hikers and the organisation: such as coffee, tea, water, sports drinks, energy drinks, cheese, fresh dairy, bakery products, etc. 
  • Support for data transmission: modems and ancillary equipment, software support, laptops, storage media, scanners, … 
  • Communication equipment: telephone lines, mobile phone and network connections, Internet connection, … 
  • Transport fleet (luggage, provisions), quitting hikers, scan team, banner team 
  • VIP and press room: building units, bar and bar systems, umbrellas, party tents, cups, chairs, outdoor seating and work tables, table decoration, etc. 
  • First aid materials and products like disinfectants, bandages, massage oil 
  • Miscellaneous: beds, blankets, large kitchen equipment, toilet cabins, mobile platforms, … 
  • Logistics support: reusable cups, toilet paper, detergent, soap, tape, etc. 
  • Printed materials 
  • PR & marketing support using LED walls, digital video, translation assistance, organisation clothing 
  • Cleaning systems: car wash, laundry, dry cleaning, etc. 

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