Provisions with the utmost care

Free provisions at each checkpoint

Each hiker has access to free provisions at each checkpoint. Because you need a lot of energy on your hike, it makes sense to pay a great deal of attention to the provisions. The organisation offers fruit, yoghurt, cinnamon biscuits (speculaas), cookies, sandwiches, coffee, tea, soup, and sports drinks. 

Hikers can enjoy an easily digestible and carb-rich hot meal at the checkpoint halfway along the route. This meal can be ordered during your registration and costs 13 euros. 

Keep in mind that each checkpoint has its own opening and closing times which you must observe. You can find these on the map below. Because the start can take up to half an hour, you can finish until 21:30 on Saturday. The organisation also keeps these thirty minutes in mind at all checkpoints. 

Checkpoints 2019

Additional information


The organisation uses a checkpoint badge with a chip to register the participant at the checkpoints. We do not scan the badge at every checkpoint. The organisation does not communicate the checkpoints where your badge will be scanned in advance. 

You can only quit the event at the checkpoints. All checkpoints have the signs you need to find a support vehicle to bring you back to Bornem. Make sure to sign out at the checkpoint first. You will be given a return ticket that can be used to enter the support vehicle.