Do I need to carry my backpack for 100km?

Do you want to avoid carrying your backpack for 100 kilometres?

You can have it transported to the halfway checkpoint in Opwijk. You can drop off your luggage, with a name and address label, at the Cultural Centre Ter Dilft after 15:00. Follow the signs at the start location. This service is free. Keep in mind that once you have dropped off your luggage, you will no longer have access to it until the checkpoint in Opwijk.

You may not leave valuable objects or medication in your luggage. If you do so, this will be your own responsibility. You may also not leave liquids in your luggage. If the package leaks, it can also leak into other pieces of luggage.

Your luggage may not be heavier than 15 kg, and you may only drop off 1 piece of luggage. As organisers, we are not responsible for damage to and/or loss of your luggage.

But, what...


If I quit before Opwijk?

If you quit before Opwijk, you are responsible for informing the responsible ‘Opgevers’. You can find these at the ‘Opgevers terug naar Bornem’ sign. Inform the person responsible of your participant’s and luggage number. Returning your luggage takes time. It will take a minimum of 4 hours between the registration and delivery of the luggage if you quit before Opwijk.


Should I do at the checkpoint?

You can claim your luggage in Opwijk upon presentation of your badge. You can return your luggage at the ‘Retour bagage’ sign. Once you have returned your luggage, it will no longer be available until you return to Bornem. If you do not need your luggage in Opwijk, please let the employees know. They will return your luggage to Bornem. Your luggage will be available in Bornem after 13:00 if no other information is provided.


Will I do once I have arrived?

You can only pick up your luggage when you arrive by presenting your badge. Luggage will only be provided to a non-hiker upon presentation of a valid badge with a badge number. The luggage booth will open at 04:00 on Saturday morning in the sports centre of the OLVP Middenschool, Temsesteenweg 10 in Bornem.

Each hiker with a badge must always check out for the rapid and correct return of luggage.