How can I reach Bornem? And more. 

Bornem, the start and finish.

The start and finish of the 100 km Dodentocht are in the Bornem city centre, only 400 metres from the train station. Public transport is the easiest way of reaching Bornem to participate in the Dodentocht or to cheer the participants on. 

By car

If you do come by car, you can park at the designated parking sites along the N16. There are buses available to take hikers or supporters to and from the Bornem city centre. The buses are available on Friday from 12:30 to 01:00 and on Saturday from 07:30 to 00:30. 

If you do not want to park your car at one of these parking sites, you must make sure that your car is parked legally and does not cause nuisance to nearby residents. 

By train

Going to the Dodentocht by train? A great choice! Hikers and supporters get off in Bornem and can walk to the starting site of the Dodentocht (5 minutes). 

Of course, you must have a valid NMBS ticket before entering the train. Purchase your two-way ticket before you depart for the Dodentocht. 

Environmental charter

A green and calm environment is very important to hiking enthusiasts. This is why contributing to a healthy and clean environment is fully in line with the beliefs of the organisation of the 100 km Dodentocht. We believe that a large organisation like the 100 km Dodentocht must act as a pioneer in this field and serve as an example to other events and organisations in the region. 

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