Our sponsors

Essential, year after year

Eternal gratitude

The 100 km Dodentocht has grown into a renowned event. This is largely thanks to the enormous quantities of hikers who enthusiastically line up for the start each year. But the 100 km Dodentocht would not be where it is now without its sponsors. All of the contributions, financial or inkind, are essential for the annual organisation of the 100 km Dodentocht! 

Become a sponsor

Do you, or your organisation, want to contribute to the 100 km Dodentocht? Make sure to check out our various sponsor packages, and we may enter into a new partnership soon! 

Your own booth

You can place your own booth at the start or at the various checkpoints. Support the hikers, advertise your product, …. for your own organisation and get recognised by 13,000 hikers! 

Environmental charter

A green and calm environment is very important to hiking enthusiasts. This is why contributing to a healthy and clean environment is fully in line with the beliefs of the organisation of the 100 km Dodentocht. We believe that a large organisation like the 100 km Dodentocht must act as a pioneer in this field and serve as an example to other events and organisations in the region. 

Local sponsors

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