Pick up days

Get your walking badge in advance

What is your starting number?

The pick-up days will take place in the sports hall of presentation Bornem, Temsesteenweg in Bornem, on the following days:

  • 29 July 2023 13-17h
  • 5 August 2023 13-17h
  • 9 August 2023 15-19h

It is also possible to pick up your participation envelope on Friday August 11, 2023 in the tent on the Kardinaal Cardijnplein in Bornem, between 13 and 20h30.

In the envelope you will find the following items:

  • Control badge with start number: The control badge must be worn visibly during the entire walk. It is used for registration at the control posts during the Deadentocht. This registration happens automatically. At the control posts it is compulsory to wear the badge on top of your clothing. If you order a meal, this will also be mentioned on your badge.
  • Wristband: the wristband serves as an extra control at the checkpoints.
  • Lanyard: cord to wear your badge around your neck during Death March.

However, departing before 21:00 is strictly forbidden. Without a starting scan or in case of fraud, participants will no longer be allowed to participate with immediate effect and removed from the participants’ list, and not receive any form of compensation and reward.

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