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What is a Cookie

We make use of cookies on this website. A cookie is a simple small file that is sent with pages of this website [and / or Flash applications] and is stored by your browser on the hard drive of your computer. The information stored therein can be retrieved on a subsequent visit. You can always delete cookies via the settings of your browser.
The website uses the following cookies:

Permanent cookies.

With the help of permanent cookies we can recognize you when you visit our website again. The website can therefore be specially set to your preferences. If you have given permission to place cookies, we can remember this by means of a cookie. This means that you do not always have to repeat your preferences, which saves you time and makes it easier to use our website (eg choice of language). You can always delete permanent cookies via the settings of your browser.

Session cookies.

Using a session cookie, we can see which parts of the website you have viewed during this visit. We can therefore adjust our service as much as possible to the surfing behavior of our visitors. These cookies are automatically deleted when you close your web browser.

Tracking cookies

With your permission, we place a cookie on your equipment, which can be requested as soon as you visit our website. The profile built up on the basis of your surfing behavior only serves to match the content to your profile, so that it is as relevant as possible to you.

Tracking cookies from our advertisers.

With your permission, our advertisers place “tracking cookies” on your equipment. They use these cookies to keep track of which pages you visit, in order to build up a profile of your online surfing behavior. 100km Dodentocht therefore has no control over and / or knowledge of the content and operation of these cookies.

For example, advertisers can add cookies to their ads on the website to gain insight into your areas of interest, to show you only interesting ads.

Google Analytics

A cookie from the American company Google is placed via our website; this as part of the Analytics service. This service is used by us to get reports on how our visitors use the website. Google can provide this information to third parties when they are legally obliged to do so or when third parties process this information for Google. We have no influence on this. Google has obtained our permission to use the analytics information for other Google services. The information that Google collects is anonymized as much as possible. The information is stored by Google on servers located in the European Union and / or the United States. Google is affiliated with the United States Department of Commerce’s Privacy Shield program, which requires it to provide an appropriate level of data protection.

Social media

Various buttons are included on the website to promote or share web pages on different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. These buttons work by means of a code. This code can ensure that cookies are placed. It is therefore advisable to read the privacy statements of the social networks about what they do with your personal data that they acquire via cookies. These conditions change regularly.

The information collected is anonymized as much as possible. The information is stored on servers located in the European Union and / or the United States. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are affiliated with the US Privacy Shield program of the US Department of Commerce, which means that they must provide an appropriate level of data protection.

Management and removal of cookies

Your permission.

On your first visit to our website, we ask you to accept our different types of cookies. If you wish to continue visiting the website without changing the cookie settings and clicking the “continue” link, the installation of cookies is accepted.

Manage cookies.

You can also refuse or block cookies by changing the configuration parameters of your navigation system. For this you need to look in the manual of your browser under the section “Help” and search for “manage cookies”. By removing existing cookies from our website, you will be asked again on your next visit to agree to our cookie policy.
However, some parts of our websites may or may not work optimally and / or access to them may not be possible, and that is of course not the intention.

You can also delete the already installed cookies from your computer or mobile device at any time. After disabling and / or removing cookies, you will continue to see advertisements, but these will not be tailored to your previous use of the 100km Dodentocht website.

You can also find more information about cookies at:
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For further questions regarding the protection of your personal data, please click on the following link for our privacy policy


Our website contains hyperlinks to third party websites for information only. 100km Dodentocht does not guarantee the availability of these websites, nor is it responsible for their content or quality. Nor does it mean that there would be a collaboration between 100km Dodentocht and the administrators of those sites.

It is allowed to link to our website with prior permission of 100km Dodentocht, but 100km Dodentocht reserves the right to withdraw this permission at any time.

Intellectual ownership.

The website is an original creation whose content is protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights. Content means the illustrations, sounds, texts, photos, videos, images, animations, data, posters, logos, brands and other elements that make up the site used on this website. Therefore, it cannot be understood that the use or access to the website and / or its services gives the user any right to the content of this site. By visiting this site, the visitor agrees that only use for private and personal purposes is granted. Any other use is strictly prohibited unless prior written permission has been granted by the copyright owner. Any infringement of this prohibition may entail civil or criminal legal actions in areas such as counterfeiting and / or damage to registered trademarks and / or copyrights and / or other provisions in force in the field of intellectual property rights. Copying, editing, changes, distribution of all or part of the website, commercialization in any form or by any means – electronic, mechanical or otherwise – are strictly prohibited, unless prior written permission has been granted by the owner of copyright. For all information and requests for electronic reproduction, please contact the site manager. We ask you to clearly specify the context, the desired duration of the reproduction, the nature of the site and the way in which you propose the site. Please also provide your name, the name of your organization or company, as well as your contact details including your email address. Any unauthorized use of all or part of the website may lead to prosecution in accordance with current legislation in force.

Website usage.

100km Dodentocht makes an effort to keep this website operational and up to date at all times. 100km Dodentocht does not accept any liability for (temporary) unavailability of the website or for the accuracy of the information on this website.

For all information that you share via the website, our privacy policy applies, for more information please click on the following link for our privacy policy.