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The main responsibility of the External Department is increasing the visibility of the Dodentocht. Looking for and introducing new sponsors, maintaining existing contacts, promoting the 100 km Dodentocht, providing printed materials, … these are only a few of the duties of this department. 

In order to enable the sponsors to get even more out of the 100 km Dodentocht, the External Department arranges a VIP space on the day of departure where sponsors can see the hikers pass by in the Bornem city centre from front row seats. 

Promoting the 100 km Dodentocht in the media is the responsibility of the Press Sub-Department of the External Department. The same applies to managing the social media, writing press releases, and updating the website. In order to truly capture the 100 km Dodentocht, this department can rely on a number of volunteers each year who take thousands of pictures or videos of the hikers, volunteers, and sponsors on and near the route. 


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External Department

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