100Km Dodentocht – Kadee vzw

From a hike to an international event

What once began as a hike, organised by the local VZW Kadee youth centre, has grown into an international event with an independent organisation: 100 km Dodentocht – Kadee VZW.
During the year, hundreds of employees at various departments offer their volunteering efforts to give 13,000 hikers the event of their life and to welcome over 150,000 supporters.

Each department is managed by a department coordinator. They meet monthly to discuss and work on department-specific tasks. The main coordinator, department coordinators, and permanent staff meet during committee meetings to ensure everyone remains up to date about what is happening at the other departments.
You can only participate if you have registered in advance.

Over 1300 volunteers work day and night during the Dodentocht. 100 km Dodentocht – Kadee VZW can also rely on the assistance of 150 enforcement officials and 500 Red Cross workers. 

Do you want to contribute? Make sure to check out our vacancies and staff page. 

Did you know ...

That the Dodentocht started back in 1970? Only 47 of the first 65 hikers reached the finish line. Learn more about our history.