General terms and conditions

100Km Dodentocht

Practical information


  • The registration fee amounts to 57€. You can sign up through our website. From now on, you can only sign up in advance between March 28th and July 15th 
  • Registrations will no longer be accepted after July 15th, including on the day of the event. 
  • The event is limited to 13,000 participants! 
  • The checkpoint badge and more information can be retrieved on the pick-up days (see below) or on the day of the hike (13:00 to 20:30). Do not wait until the last moment, as the Dodentocht starts at 21:00! 
  • If you register another participant, you must indicate whether he or she is a member of a hiking club. 
  • Peak hours between 18:00 and 20:00 due to traffic jams on the entrance roads. We recommend using public transport to avoid traffic jams (the station is 200 metres from the church square). 
  • You can park your car on the parking lots along the N16 and take a bus to the city centre! This bus service is free for participants, all others will be charged a fee. 
  • After your registration (with online payment), you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your event number, practical information for picking up your badge, etc. The complete hiking booklet will be made available on our website in due time, which you can print if you want. 
  • The route plan will be available on the website at the start of July, which you can also print and bring with you. 
  • The participants’ T-shirt can only be ordered during the registration period. 
  • Picking up the T-shirt: the envelope with the checkpoint badge serves as the only proof of payment and must be presented when picking up your T-shirt. The T-shirt can also be picked up during the pick-up days (see below). During the Dodentocht, you can only pick up the T-shirt on Friday August 13th between 13:00 and 20:30 in the large tent on the church square. 
  • If you are unable to participate due to circumstances but still wish to receive your T-shirt, you can only pick it up during the pick-up days (see below) or on Friday, August 13th. T-shirts will NOT be shipped by mail. 
  • An administrative fee of € 5 will be charged for changes to registrations (i.e. if you forget to order a T-shirt (only in case of advance registration) and/or a meal, etc.). You can contact the Internal Affairs department at 

Pick-up days, start, and arrival

  • The checkpoint badges can be picked up on a number of days before the date of the Dodentocht. 

You will not be able to register for the event on these days! 

  • Pick-up days location and dates
    • Location: OLVP sports centre, Temsesteenweg 10, 2880 Bornem 
    • Dates:  
  • Of course, you can also pick up the checkpoint badge on the day of the event (Friday august 11th, 2023) in the tent on the church square between 13:00 and 20:30. You will not be able to register on this date! 
  • Start 53ste 100 km Dodentocht: Friday august 11th, 2023 at 21:00 
  • Because the start can take up to half an hour, the hikers may arrive on Saturday until 21:30. These 30 minutes are also taken into account at all checkpoints. 
  • The hiking time will only start once the participant passes the starting line (scan line). This is required, as you will not be registered as an official participant if you fail to do so! 
  • Arrival: Saturday august 12th, 2023 between 07:00 and 21:30. 
  • Tracking: the tracking page will only be active from the start when the badge is scanned for the first time! 

During the hike and upon arrival

  • Each checkpoint has its own opening and closing hours which each participant must strictly observe. 
  • Departing before 21:00 is strictly forbidden. The start is at 21:00, and the opening and closing hours of the checkpoints will be observed strictly. The maximum duration of the hike is 24 hours. Without a starting scan or in case of fraud, participants will no longer be allowed to participate with immediate effect and removed from the participants’ list, and not receive any form of compensation and reward!!! 
  • Service package: provisions, first aid by the Red Cross, third-party liability insurance (Wandelsport Vlaanderen), transport of luggage to the 50 km checkpoint, transport to Bornem if a participant quits at a checkpoint, overnight stay option (hall, camping, at a fee), hot meal halfway through (to be ordered in advance). 
  • Quitting is not permitted at the “emergency locations”, as these can only be used for real emergencies! 
  • Luggage: option of transporting luggage to the checkpoint halfway along the route, and back to Bornem. One piece of luggage with a maximum weight of 15 kg, labelled with the name, address, and telephone number of the participant. Luggage can be retrieved upon arrival after presentation of the checkpoint badge, as well as the identity document if the hiker is unable to pick up his or her luggage himself/herself. The luggage cannot contain medication, fragile objects, valuable objects, liquids, or beverages! 
  • Everyone who successfully completes the hike will receive a medal and a certificate with splits on the spot. 

Accidents and insurance during the hike

  • Contact the organisers or the Red Cross in case of any accidents, ask for an accident report, and make sure that your name, full address, and a description of the accident are recorded on the forms. 
  • The participants are insured against civil liability and physical accidents in accordance with the provisions of the Decree on Amateur Athletes. Ambulance transport will always be at the expense of the participant. 
  • The insurance only covers accidents, not illnesses or other discomforts arising from the hike. 

Remarks and complaints

  • Questions, proposals, complaints, and remarks can only be submitted in writing to Reedonk 17 in 2880 BORNEM or by sending an e-mail to 
  • Legal procedures will always be handled by the District Court in Mechelen. 

Practical matters

  • We use a checkpoint badge with a chip to register the participant at the checkpoints.
  • Each hiker with a badge must always check out for the rapid and correct return of luggage.
  • Any quitting hikers who wish to return to Bornem using the support vehicle must also check out. Quitting hikers will be given a return ticket that can be used to enter the support vehicle.
  • All checkpoints will have the signs needed to find the support vehicles. 
  • The checkpoint badge with chip may always be kept and brought with you.
  • Be present on time to avoid traffic jams and to be able to start on time.
  • Accessibility by train: the NMBS will increase the capacity of its trains. A train calling on Bornem will leave from Sint-Niklaas and Mechelen every hour. The Bornem train station is only 200 metres from the church square (where participants can register). Check the timetable at
  • Internet: you must register through our website ( Our Administrative Offices can be reached by phone every evening from July 1st until the day of the event between 19:00 and 22:00 at 03/889.35.45 or
  • We are looking forward to welcoming you in August, and want to wish you the best of luck and a lot of fun!