28 July 2020

17,000 hikers are approaching 1 million kilometers walked

Monday, July 13, 2020, the very first 100Km Covid Challenge powered by Dodentocht started. Nearly 14,000 hikers then took up the challenge of walking 100 kilometers at their own pace in their own region by 9 August 2020. Meanwhile, more than 17,000 hikers are on their way and are soon approaching 1 million miles of hiking.

“As an organization, we are very pleased to see that so many walkers found a sporty outlet in our 100Km Covid Challenge. We are receiving more and more reports that people really enjoy walking those 100 kilometers without the time pressure of those 24 hours ”, says Gunter Vergauwen, head coordinator of 100Km Dodentocht Kadee vzw.

In just fourteen days, the 100Km Dodentocht fans hiked more than 950,000 kilometers together. “With this we walked a total of 2.5 times from the moon to earth. Impressive numbers. Especially when you see that more than 2,600 walkers have already successfully completed the 100 kilometers ”, Gunter Vergauwen adds. “Some hikers already have 200 kilometers on their record.”

Challenge until August 8, 2020
Those who were still hesitant to register have until 8 August 2020. Until then you can register for the 100Km Covid Challenge. “If you want to achieve your virtual 100Km Covid Challenge medal, you will have to make an extra effort. Because on August 9, 2020 at midnight we will close the challenge ”, Gunter Vergauwen concludes.


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