12 July 2020

Nearly 14,000 hikers start the 100Km Covid Challenge

From tomorrow, Monday, July 13, 2020, until Sunday, August 9, 2020, about 14,000 participants will walk the 100Km Covid Challenge powered by Dodentocht. “As we are donating the proceeds to the universities of Ghent and Brussels this year, we are not yet closing registrations. Those who are not afraid of the challenge can still register until Saturday, August 8, “said Gunter Vergauwen, coordinator 100Km Dodentocht Kadee vzw.

By canceling the 100Km Dodentocht during the second weekend of August, many hikers lost a sporting challenge. “Our alternative, the 100Km Covid Challenge, appears to be a welcome alternative for many people. In the meantime, the counter is at almost 14,000 hikers, ”says Gunter Vergauwen. “We do notice that we appeal to a different target group than with our regular 100Km Dodentocht. Through this challenge, we also offer people who find walking 100 kilometers in 24 hours too difficult, the opportunity to taste the 100Km Dodentocht family. For example, we see that with the 100Km Covid Challenge we mainly appeal to women. They are well represented with more than 60%. And women in their thirties and forties in particular are taking up the challenge, ”says Gunter Vergauwen.

And just like the 100Km Dodentocht, hikers from all over the world take up the challenge. The largest group of participants comes from Belgium, of course. But Germany, the Netherlands, England, Norway, Luxembourg, America, France, Sweden and Denmark are among the top 10.

Ianka Fleerackers and Marc Van Ranst

Ianka Fleerackers and Marc Van Ranst are the godparents of this 100Km Covid Challenge. On August 3 they walk 10 kilometers together in the context of the podcasts “Brave New Human” by Ianka Fleerackers. (

Registrations extended until August 8

Those who want to participate can still register. We will close the challenge on Saturday 8 August. The T-shirt of the 100Km Covid Challenge can also be ordered. The shipping of those T-shirts is planned for August.

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