5 June 2021

Organization 100Km Dodentocht unpacks with a two-day and a Summer Challenge

No 100Km Dodentocht for the second year in a row. The lack is increasing among the walkers, but also with us as an organization. After the two successful challenges, the 100Km Covid challenge and the Warmest Winter Challenge, we are launching a third challenge this summer, the Summer Challenge. But for those who are looking for even more challenge, there is a two-day event this summer under the name 100Km Dodentocht Light.

“In March we had to make the unfortunate decision that the traditional Dodentocht could not take place. At that time, the corona measures did not allow mass events to take place during the summer. The starting signal for us to look for an alternative to the 100KM Dodentocht”, says the organization of 100KM Dodentocht-Kadee vzw.

Summer Challenge

Just like last year and last winter, 100KM Dodentocht-Kadee vzw comes up with a challenge. “This time it’s a Summer Challenge. Just like during the Warmest Winter Challenge, participants challenge themselves. They choose how many kilometers they walk between July 1, 2021 and August 31, 2021. We notice that our challenges are still very much appreciated. So we hope to get a lot of people on their feet again,” said Gunter Vergauwen, main coordinator 100KM Dodentocht-Kadee vzw.

 100Km Dodentocht Light

A second challenge that the organizer of 100KM Dodentocht-Kadee offers is the 100Km Dodentocht Light. “For hikers who are looking for even more challenge and miss the traditional 100Km Dodentocht, we organize a two-day challenge. The aim is to walk 50 kilometers on two consecutive days and follow a signposted route”, explains Gunter Vergauwen briefly.

There are seven moments, namely on 3&4 July, 10&11 July, 17&18 July, 24&25 July, 31 July & 1 August, 7&8 August and 11&12 August to participate in the 100Km Dodentocht Light. In order to comply with the corona measures, the participants will be spread over nine different departure points and over different time slots.
Registrations for the 100Km Dodentocht Light will start on Tuesday 8 June from 7 pm.

“Let’s hope it’s the last time we have to look for an alternative to our traditional 100Km Dodentocht. We are already happy that we can go back to work for the 100Km Dodentocht Light, that we can and may work together again”, concludes Gunter Vergauwen.

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