20 October 2021

Registration for the 53rd edition of 100Km Dodentocht starts on the 26th of March

On Friday the 12th of August, the Dodentocht will be organized for the 53rd time. 13.000 walkers will again be able to participate. We have already started with the preparations for next year’s edition. 

“The working year for the 53rd edition of the 100Km Dodentocht have started with good hope and mainly a lot of enthusiasm. It feels good to sit around the table again, after two years of non traditional 100Km Dodentocht. Together with the committee, we have started started the preparations for the next edition”, the organizers said enthusiastically.

Registration date

The different cells of the organization have started the sprint. The route can be determined, the search for the checkpoints and supplies has started as well as contacting the sponsors, the requests for tents, mobile toilets, etc.. “For now there is a lot of work behind the scenes. the real work starts on Saturday the 26th of March, when walkers can register. Just as the past years, we will keep a limit of 13.000 walkers”, the organization adds.


More than one thousand volunteers are needed to be able to have the 100Km Dodentocht run smoothly. All help is more than welcome. Maybe there is an association or sport club that would like to staff a check point? Or maybe someone has time and desire to help build the tents? We are also looking for volunteers to drive the cars or strengthen the MEP-team. Are you more creative and are you good at working with a camera or video-camera? Then we can also use your help.”

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